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JUNE 1-6  |  Costa Rica



and it’s easy to get bogged down with the endless events and pings. We know what it's like. And we want to show you a way you can transcend that. Unlocking even one game-changing idea can catapult your business potential multiple x overnight. Doing that alongside an upgraded network will magnify results on top of that.


that you unlock at least one new business idea (you'll probably get dozens) that will at least 6x your impact overnight when implemented.


Most of us dream of having people saying about our business, "how did they build that so fast?" or better yet, "must have been luck."
Of course, getting fast results in business isn't a matter of luck. It's a matter of knowing exactly what to do and doing it right away. That's what billionaires do, and that's what we'll be focusing on during the retreat. It's how you achieve results in weeks that most people never do in years.
Where you put your focus is where you get results. If you want game-changing results, you'll need to put in the work to tap into your dee
per ideas and bigger vision.
You'll need to develop a new relationship with your intuition.


We will have a coach who has worked with everyone from multi-billionaire founders to Wall Street traders and rappers, and has clients that pay him $40k/month: Alex Walton. We’ll have workshops led by a member who has trained under shamans with 100 combined years of experience. 

And the location? A 5-star retreat center that is normally booked out 18 months in advance, for exclusive use of our group with a nearly 2:1 staff-to-guest ratio and private air transport. 
Suffice to say, it will be a world-class experience and everything for your stay is taken care of.
Upon being accepted, you will immediately be plugged into our private chat with attendees and coaches, and if d
esired connected with our travel agent who can get you the best flight within a matter of days.

Cost: $4k USD. 
You’ll only need to put 1/10th down to hold your spot.


Also: after the event we will launch an NFT collection ONLY for attendees. We plan to do these retreats once a year to scale the network. Anyone who attends a retreat will get that NFT and network for life.

This is not just a one-time event; this is a ticket to level up your game indefinitely.



  • Workshops on intuition, habits, productivity, visualization, and deeper ways of accessing your subconscious

  • Plenty of personal time for work, socialization, group excursions, R&R, etc. 

  • Wellness activities

  • ALL meals and transportation between landing and takeoff.

We will also show you beforehand:

  • How to get away from meetings and messages and have time for a retreat (to work ON your business rather than stuck IN it).

  • How to make the retreat pay for itself by saving countless dollars in your business.

  • How to be more secure with your crypto when traveling than you probably are at home.

  • How to upgrade your network so you can access anyone you want.


you are welcome to apply here to be considered: 

There’s only one question to answer. While the majority of attendees will be founders, we welcome others to apply if you can prove that you are a real influential leader in the space and are actively contributing to push Web3 forward.
There is only room for 15-20 people (of which 5 spots are already taken), and choice of rooms will be on FCFS basis, so the sooner you get in the better. 


Finally, all retreat attendees will receive the following bonuses, free of charge:

- “Benjamin Franklin Method” overview course and Perfect Habit Checklist by Alex Walton that will help you remove noise from your life and within weeks begin to unlock a level of focus, self-trust, and productivity most never dream of ($199 value)

- "OG for life" discount: 2023 attendees will get $1k off ALL future retreats ($1,000 + value)

- “Upgrade your business” free 1:1 coaching call with Bryan Ottens, who runs multiple businesses generating over $100 million/year ($900 value)

- “Unlocking Magic" cheat sheet and multiple worksheets that you can take home and/or share with coworkers and family ($99 value)

- Effortless Travel: We have a travel agent on standby who can help you find the most direct, affordable flight as well as take care of any insurance or visa needs - at zero cost to you ($100 value)

- "Anything Needed" 24/7 concierge: want help managing your inbox while you are gone, or realize you need to send a last-minute gift for someone back home? Consider it done. We have a concierge team ready 24/7 to help you with literally anything that may come up, of course at zero cost to you ($150 value)

- “Delicious You Are Welcome” guarantee: we have a chef and team of cooks that will prepare amazing meals and handle any dietary requests; however, if for some reason the food is not up to your standards we will personally give you a $100/day stipend to use at nearby restaurants (up to $500 value)

- Somatic Care: One free massage pass at the retreat - don't forget the mind-body connection is very real. ($150 value)
All that is easily at least $3,098 in bonus value on top of the retreat itself (and the attendee NFT).

If you would benefit from this value, then you are welcome to apply here: 


P.s. in case you were wondering: location details are ONLY being shared with those invited. And no one is bringing their hardware wallets. So it will be more secure than Web3 conferences.​

Remember, your network is your net worth. Digital is great, but there is something irreplaceable about IRL meetups. Let’s do both.

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