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March 1-6, 2024  |  Costa Rica


Unlock your full potential

Web3 moves insanely fast, and one your of your greatest existential risks is getting so bogged down with the endless day-to-day events and pings that you lose sight of the big picture.

We want to help you catapult your business potential multiple x quickly - while improving your sanity at the same time. 

We will do this through a combination of three tools:
- Environment
- Training
- Network

All of which are most powerful in an IRL setting. 



- Scaling revenue

- Routines and habits for increased productivity

- Unlocking speed and clarity

- Growing presence on socials

- Live collaborative brainstorming between members

- Holistic wellness to operate at your peak

- 1:1 coaching opportunities


This is an exclusive invite to all Affinity members serious about reaching your potential, so you can benefit from the best Affinity has to offer.


Imiloa Institute is a world-class retreat center perfectly suited for creativity and productivity. Watch below to get a feel for your lodging options, and be sure to check out their website for more details on the experience. 

We have the 5-star property booked for exclusive use of Affinity. With a nearly 2:1 staff-to-guest ratio and private air transport, suffice to say it will be a world-class experience and everything for your stay is taken care of. 




  • Workshops on productivity, scaling, influence, collaboration, mindset, wellness, and more - including from Alex Walton (has worked with multi-billionaire founders and has clients that pay him $40k/month). 

  • Plenty of personal time for work, socialization, R&R, etc.

  • Group excursions such as hiking, cacao ceremony, ATV, beach dinner, etc. (you will be able to vote on which you want).  

  • 3 chef-prepared meals per day.

  • Private transport to and from SJO airport and throughout the week. 

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Submit your info here to hold your spot:

Cost: $4500 USD.  You’ll only need to put $500 down.

We will have room for up to 25 people, and choice of rooms will be FCFS, so booking earlier may be appealing. 

NOTE: SJO airport has many direct connections throughout the US and Europe, and Imiloa provides private air transport from SJO, so travel times will be very reasonable for many. 


Finally, all retreat attendees will receive the following bonuses, free of charge:

- “Benjamin Franklin Method” overview course and Perfect Habit Checklist by Alex Walton that will help you remove noise from your life and within weeks begin to unlock a level of focus, self-trust, and productivity most never dream of ($199 value)

- "OG for life" discount: 2024 attendees will get $500 off ALL future retreats ($500 + value)

- “Upgrade your business” free 1:1 coaching call with Bryan Ottens, who runs multiple businesses generating over $100 million/year ($900 value)

- Effortless Travel: We have a travel agent on standby who can help you find the most direct, affordable flight as well as take care of any insurance or other needs - at zero cost to you ($100 value)

- "Anything Needed" 24/7 concierge: want help managing your inbox while you are gone, or realize you need to send a last-minute gift for someone back home? Consider it done. We have a concierge team ready 24/7 to help you with literally anything that may come up, of course at zero cost to you ($150 value)

- Somatic Care: One free massage pass at the retreat ($150 value)
All that is easily at least $1,849 in bonus value on top of the retreat itself.

If you are ready to benefit from this, then you can book your spot here: 

Unlock your full potential

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