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Unlock your natural flow of success

June 1-6  |  Costa Rica


6 Days to 6x is a working retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica for digital business owners (and other digital workers that take their growth seriously) that are looking to unlock higher levels of success by tapping into their own personal presence, clarity, and power.


It's all too common to see online workers getting sucked into reactive busy work 24/7 trying to keep up with everything, at risk of losing the clarity of vision and purpose that is essential to perform at a high level.


This will be 6 days of focused training, shared experiences, and personal time to implement and reflect, as well as a great opportunity for networking and deeper connection with other driven creators.



DATES: June 1-6, 2023

COST: $3050


WHO: 15 driven individuals that are looking for the training, experiences, and IRL connections to push them to new levels of capacity and clarity. 

- Essentials of mindset to unlock radical ideas and productivity - Stephen Poynter, host (

- How to get into a peak state of creative flow - Stephen Poynter
- How to trust your gut and move as fast as the top 0.1% - Bryan Ottens (CEO of Opus Labs
- Building habits to unlock productivity and the "Benjamin Franklin Method" (plus one bonus session that will be revealed during the event) - Alex Walton (
- The secrets of top performers (plus one surprise additional workshop) - Daniel Whittingham (of You Build You:
- Collaborative brainstorming and vision sharing (live exercises to explore ways to support each other's work)

My name is Stephen Poynter. After spending years in the corporate world (finance and marketing), and further years in online business for myself, I grew to realize one thing: most digital workers are deeply unsatisfied, and our lifestyles are usually pretty terribly optimized for wellbeing and focus. 

And that really sucks.


I felt this firsthand, becoming so distracted and disconnected that I could hardly get my daily tasks done. I fell into deep depression and addiction, and at one point even needed to take a leave of absence. I share a little more about my story in this blog post here.

I've thankfully come a long way since then as I devoted myself to personal development and finding alignment. But I know all too well how much it is ALL an internal game, and mastering one's mindset is the key to mastering life and business.

I know that by setting aside some time and intention to focus on your "why" and your big-picture ideas, you will tap into your inspiration and intuition in ways that compound into tremendous long-term returns - and will find what it means to truly unlock your natural flow of success. My one goal is to help you do just that.


If you are trying to decide if this is the right fit for you or have questions you would like to discuss, book a free clarity call with me here:

Whether the retreat ends up being right for you or not, I'm more than happy to help you get some clarity on your goals and path forward and provide whatever resources I can.

You can also reach out to me on Instagram:

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